Win agents over with quality products and friendly web portal


As per a recent Report on Agent Insight Tour conducted by AgencyPort, web based solutions are the need of the hour for carriers wishing to maintain a healthy relationship with their agents. The first decisive factor for an agent to choose a carrier is still quality of product. However, it is now also a widely accepted fact that agents prefer working with carriers that are easy to work with, provide technology tools and follow processes that simplify the onerous tasks of inquiry, quoting, issuance, endorsement, renewal transactions and so on.

The top 3 criteria according to the report are

  • Quality of product
  • Pricing
  • Ease of doing business

It follows that a solid product at a good price is not enough to win over agents. For ease of doing business, possession of all the required data from web based agent portals place agents in a strategic position to process proposals in near real time. If this freedom and ease of access is not possible, agents won’t think twice to switch to a different carrier.

Carriers would do well to embrace automated web based solutions that will ensure agent satisfaction and higher agent performance rates. We are already seeing a surge in demand for producer portals in the industry, with much success. When the trends and facts hint at a positive impact on business objectives with technology, the most sensible choice is to tread that path rather than maintain the status quo.


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