Where to Find the Next Generation of Agents? Try Web 2.0


A growing number of insurance companies are coming up with unique and innovative ideas to promote their brand. This novel idea implemented by Aviva USA, a Des Moines, Iowa-based life and annuity insurer, is a stellar example. While Aviva’s progressive approach may not be appropriate for all companies, its initiative showcases the direction in which the current crop of entrepreneurs is thinking – relating to the next generation that will become tomorrow’s game changers.

Looking for a unique and effective way to connect with members of the younger generations who have the potential to be effective insurance agents, Aviva USA ($40 billion in assets) has established a presence in Second Life, the online virtual world with approximately 14 million “residents.”

In one of our previous posts we spoke about IT Certified Professionals and the impact they will have on companies. The efforts by Aviva are similar in nature in that they are looking to recruit agents who are on the leading edge of technology.

The members of “Gen-Y” have it in them to take on the complexities demanded of salespeople today, who must be more skillful in a tech-dependent environment than their predecessors.

“Any agent recruited through Second Life will have already shown their comfort with new forms of communication and will be prepared to utilize different channels to reach customers — exactly the skill set a tech-savvy insurer wants,” Jeff Goldberg, a senior analyst in Celent’s insurance practice says.

With the world turning ever closer to Web 2.0 and Sales 2.0, organizations across sectors, including insurance, are hoping that recruiting representatives that are adroit at social networking will help lead to a sales upturn.


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