The ultimate portal built to drive
Agent Loyalty and Increase Revenue.

VUE Producer Self-Service Portal
web based, easy to use and configurable.


Create your company dashboard central right from your computer, tablet, or mobile screen.

VUE Producer Self Service Portal uses that data from VUE Producer Management & Compliance, VUE Producer Onboarding, and VUE Producer Compensation to give you a real-time performance metric visualization.

Securing Producer Loyalty:
Insurance Carrier Strategies for Optimizing
Agent Retention and Productivity.



Apply security for specific users on specific screens/tabs, support security profiles that support read only access, and support security profiles that allow update ability.



Users can access VUE Producer Self Service Portal via PC, Tablet, or mobile phones. This level of mobility makes it very accessible and easy to use.



Track approvals, invite to appoint interval among other metrics with out of the box staffing, credential, recruiting & onboarding dashboards.

Drag & Drop


Performance widgets, task widgets, data drill-down widgets, trend widgets, information widgets, all available to users. Drag and drop widgets to your dashboards for user-customized visualization.

Focused on Sales


Give your producers access to real time data that enables them to increase revenue and improve customer service. Compensation dashboards such as sales & commissions tracking helps you track your KPI’s.

Self Service


Producers can make address changes, view payment and account details, view inquiries on contracts & appointments, and service requests. Increase efficiency and grow your book of business.