VUE Partner Program – Adding Value to Customers


We are excited for the launch of our new VUE Partner Program. VUE Software is growing as a strong leader in delivering sales performance management solutions to the insurance industry. Being an active partner in Microsoft’s Insurance Value Chain (IVC), it’s important for us to hone our technology offerings and provide seamless, mission-critical, end-to-end insurance business processing solutions on the Microsoft platform.

With the introduction of the VUE Partner Program, we invite trusted organizations to partner with us in delivering real business value to our mutual clients. Our goal is to develop an ecosystem of complementary solution and service providers — building on the investments our clients have already made in VUE Software solutions. Access to our product documentation, programming interfaces, and technical staff will enable our partners to implement more robust integrations in less time.

The four major benefits we expect to deliver to our clients are:

  • Increased business agility
  • Increased value of existing information technology (IT) investments
  • Reduced IT cost and complexity
  • Improved efficiency and performance resulting from a connected technology infrastructure

We are looking forward to the opportunities that the VUE Partner Program promises to bring to insurance clients.


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