Accurate and easy to manage billing with streamlined enrollment

VUE Health & Benefits Billing

Solution Overview

VUE Health & Benefits Billing is a dynamic solution that automates the premium billing and collection process. This allows insurers and third-party administrators to deliver online billing efficiently.


Plan Design

  • Benefits structured for life, ancillary products, and health insurance
  • Comprehensive rate-structure support
  • Automated eligibility and effective date calculations
  • Configured and customized administration, mailing fees, etc.

Insured/Member Maintenance

  • Subscriber and dependent coverage information
  • Coverage history archive for all members
  • Dependent information maintenance
  • Real-time adjustments on retroactive changes related to coverage changes, salary, and terminations, etc.

Billing & Collection Management

  • Supports paper and online bill delivery
  • Payment recording and invoice reconciliation
  • Online payments
  • Automated invoice delivery
  • Automated credit card and ACH payments
  • Ad-hoc billing for invoice correction
  • List and self-administered bill support
  • Carrier remittance cycles for TPAs
  • Gross- and net-payments reconciliation

Notifications for non-payment of premium

  • Automated non-payment notifications
  • Premium collection correspondence

Online Billing

  • Online billing portal
  • EFT and credit card bill payments
  • Real-time bill recalculation


  • Dashboard with various widgets for management.
  • Aging reports
  • Premium collection reports
  • Flexible ad-hoc reports

Achieve Profitable Results

  • Maintain accuracy in commission payments made to agents with the VUE’s Distribution Compensation module featuring Revenue Reconciliation. Build the required confidence needed to provide peace of mind to agents and keep them focused on achieving profitable results.
VUE Health & Benefits Billing

“We performed an exhaustive search for the perfect partner for our TBS billing platform and are pleased to have selected VUE Software. VUE Billing & Collections, with its real-time billing, customer portals and easy broker access, was clearly the ideal choice. The system is configurable, which will help us continue to meet the need of our clients with the rapidly changing market. The VUE Software team brought both information technology expertise and industry-specific knowledge to the table, quickly responding to our needs, listening to what we wanted and successfully making it happen. This rapid-go-live attitude has allowed us to fulfill our promises to our carrier partners and our clients.”

Mike Crosetto

Chief Operating Officer

“VUE Software’s company culture aligns with our belief in continuous technological improvement and commitment to enhancing the digital experience. Their leading-edge technology offers the flexibility, configurability, and scalability we require as a forward-thinking, customer-focused insurance company.”

Sanjay Pandey

Chief Information Officer

“VUE Software offers easy access, great dashboards, and transactional reporting for our advisors. With VUE’s automated carrier commissions feeds, our agents now get paid faster.  This technology provides our team with state-of-the-art capabilities to help grow today and for years to come.”

Mike Kalen

Chief Executive Officer

Ensure Accurate, Timely Billing

Keep billing statements up-to-date by instantly reflecting changes such as member additions, terminations, or coverage modifications. Maintain consistent, automated, and accurate billing with the support of real-time system integration.

Ensure Accurate, Timely Billing | Billing & Collections

Improve Relationships with Clients and TPAs

Connect easily with administrators through an online portal. Enable policyholders to make electronic payments and increase customer satisfaction by offering online billing changes with real-time confirmation. Decrease the burden on service personnel while improving the customer experience and boosting policy retention.

Reduce Manual Intervention

Automate the billing and enrollment process to increase accuracy and reduce the frequency of manual interventions. Receive employer census information electronically or 834 file feeds to eliminate re-keying and ensure accurate and fast information transfer. Quicker turnaround times improve service levels and help lead to higher retention rates.

Multiple products, one bill

VUE Software’s advanced automation capabilities greatly reduce the administrative and operational costs of managing the compensation payout process. VUE Distribution Compensation is used as the common repository of critical sales measures with the proper audit trails.

compensation payout process

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