VUE Distribution Management Suite

Solution Overview

This new technology is leading the way to modernize distribution, innovation, and growth for Life & Annuity, P&C and Health insurers. VUE Distribution Management Suite is the most flexible, scalable, and configurable solution available that seamlessly integrates electronic onboarding, recruiting, compensation management, compliance, producer self-service portals, and integrated analytical tools into a single platform.

Onboarding Automation

  • Submit data electronically
  • Run background checks
  • Collect and verify license Information
  • Track certifications
  • Appoint


  • Supports all major background vendors
  • One-click access to the Producer Database with VUE Recon
  • Mass update capability
  • Education tracking with leading training vendors

Compliance 24/7/365

  • Just-in-time (JIT) appointments
  • Automatic alerts
  • State rule tables always current

Advanced Tools

  • Set up multiple hierarchies
  • Cross reference numbers that consolidate all system codes
  • Terminate appointments before renewals are billed
  • Record tax documents

Communicate and Approve with Ease

  • Follow-up and submit requests for approval
  • Email links or documents one at a time or in bulk

Tools to simplify the work

  • Add/change producer profiles
  • Audit trails down to the field and user
  • Track exceptions
  • Edit workflows to behave the way you want them to work

Robust Workflow

  • Standard NIPR and Producer Database integration
  • Background check vendor integration
  • Graphical workflow and questionnaire designer
  • Form designer with branching
  • E-signature support


  • Producer profiles and contract information
  • Industry-leading hierarchy management

Supports All Insurance Compensation Plans

  • Supports all flat rate and percentage commission structures
  • Supports graduated and tiered commission plans
  • Supports monetary and non-monetary incentives

Custom Workflows

  • Customizes approval processes
  • Provides business rules for payouts based on business requirements

Powerful Compensation Calculation Engine

  • Supports custom sales measures
  • Supports user-defined commissionable events, e.g., charge backs, renewals, etc.
  • Supports multiple hierarchies per payee
  • Provides the ability to retroactively make changes to a plan, agent, or policy characteristics along with effective dates

Product-Line Support

  • Manages multiple types of insurance contracts/policies
  • Serves unlimited hierarchy tiers
  • Provides efficient policy and insurance-plan research

Premium Plan

  • Customer-relationship management
  • Producer management
  • Compensation
  • Sales opportunity management
  • Performance reporting
  • Recruiting
  • Custom sales workflows
  • VUE Analytics
  • Territory performance management
  • Self-service portals for onboarding & compliance and compensation with integration directly to underwriting, policy admin, billing and other agent and customer facing applications

“VUE Software’s company culture aligns with our belief in continuous technological improvement and commitment to enhancing the digital experience. Their leading-edge technology offers the flexibility, configurability, and scalability we require as a forward-thinking, customer-focused insurance company.”

Sanjay Pandey

Chief Information Officer

“VUE Software offers easy access, great dashboards, and transactional reporting for our advisors. With VUE’s automated carrier commissions feeds, our agents now get paid faster.  This technology provides our team with state-of-the-art capabilities to help grow today and for years to come.”

Mike Kalen

Chief Executive Officer

“We evaluated several technology solutions, but chose VUE Software because they demonstrated the ability to manage our business processes and we liked the fact that their software is built specifically for the insurance space. The depth of their domain experience and responsiveness of their team was also an influential factor.”

Andrew Potalivo

Vice President of Field Operations

Built for Insurance, Specifically for Insurance

VUE Distribution Management Suite provides all the tools to modernize your distribution channel. The suite includes modules for VUE Onboarding & Compliance (with one-click access to the National PDB), VUE Distribution Compensation, and VUE CRM for Insurance with analytical reporting and rich producer portals. VUE Distribution Management Suite is preconfigured to meet each insurers specific requirements, offering an out of the box distribution model with specific workflows, business rules, and reports.


Strengthen the link with your Distributors; Enhance your value chain

VUE’s Distribution Management Suite streamlines all facets of distribution into a single, scalable platform delivering speed, improved management information, and above all, the ability to strategically focus on revenue and enriched relationships throughout the sales channel. VUE CRM for Insurance delivers robust producer relationship-management features, lead and opportunity management, territory-performance management, custom sales workflows, service tracking, and analytics. VUE Distribution Management Suite is designed to deliver top-line growth through its flexible architecture and unmatched configurability.

Digital Recruiting & Onboarding

VUE Distribution Management Suite provides a platform for insurers to grow their distribution channel with a modernized recruitement and onboarding application that’s easy to use and saves money with just-in-time appointments, reducing processing time. With self-service portals, producers can easily manage their producer carrier agreements, E&O requirements, credentials, training, and administrative requests. Straight-through processing and synchronization with the NIPR means always being in compliance.

Design Producer Compensation plans that are easy to manage

Create flexible commission and incentive compensation plans that meet your objectives. VUE Software supports traditional commission plans as well as variable compensation, multiple hierarchies, contigent commissions, and other bonus programs. Because all insurers are different, users/administrators are able to set up specific plans, compensation levels, and rules. With a self-service portal, producers can easily review commission statements, gamifaction, and peer-group performance.

Increase Producer Retention and Satisfaction | Producer Compensation

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