Vue Distribution Compensation™

Create flexible compensation and incentive programs that grow your business and expand your channels of distribution

Vue Distribution Compensation

Solution Overview

A powerful and flexible solution that makes it easy for Life & Annuity, P&C, and Health insurers to administer complex commission and incentive programs. These programs may include grading of compensation, gamification, non-monetary compensation, and contingent commissions.

Benefits & Features

  • Supports All Insurance Compensation & Commission Plans
  • Insurance Product-Line Support
  • Automates Compensation Plans & Payouts
  • Custom Compensation Workflows
  • Allows Compensation Advances and Custom Sales
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“I want to thank each member of the Vue team for their exceptional effort.  We knew we were pushing the envelope to implement this solution so quickly. Each team member went above and beyond expectations to make this happen. Thank you for your continued excellence and dedication to making sure Molina Healthcare is able to keep our commitments to our brokers.” 

Janet Fosdick

Vice President

“Vue’s company culture aligns with our belief in continuous technological improvement and commitment to enhancing the digital experience. Their leading-edge technology offers the flexibility, configurability, and scalability we require as a forward-thinking, customer-focused insurance company.”

Sanjay Pandey

Chief Information Officer

“Our business challenge is managing multiple compensation hierarchies, bonus structures, and performance reporting. Vue ’s Distribution Compensation platform will streamline our internal business processes, improve management of our sales channel, and enable financial growth. Also, Vue ’s modular design will allow us to expand into other Vue distribution applications as our business requirements change.”

Philip West

CIO of Gainsco

Vue Tools and Technology
for Insurers

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Build Flexible Compensation Programs

Using the intuitive interface of Vue Distribution Compensation, companies can create incentive programs that maximize sales of their most profitable products. This powerful solution allows you to react quickly to market opportunities with flexible compensation strategies. It also allows organizations to gain competitive advantage and deliver the flexibility sales and marketing executives require.

Producer Compensation plans

Increase Producer Retention and Satisfaction

Enables producers to access clear compensation metrics and commission statements that are easily understood. Statement accuracy allows producers to focus on sales and revenue rather than wasting time on shadow accounting. This accuracy increases retention and satisfaction as producers choose to do business with carriers that make it easy to do business.

Hierarchy Management

Vue’s advanced automation capabilities greatly enhance the management of complex agent and distributor hierarchies to ensure accuracy and timeliness of commission transactions. You can drill down into the details of how each policy is paid along with reporting hierarchies for effective, accurate commission payments.

Robust and Accurate Transaction Engine

Vue’s robust transaction engine ensures accuracy of all commission and bonus payouts regardless of product, distribution-channel complexity, and transaction volume.

Insurance Agent Compensation Software

Transform Producer satisfaction with Vue’s Self-Service Portal

Customize and automate the entire commission process including commission records and online commission dispute resolution, enabling producers to download commission and tax records. Manage sales quotas and targets, report bonus qualifications and approvals with full production reporting.

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