“VUE Software provides a solid solution for the insurance industry”


VUE CRM for Insurance Distributors

Solution Overview

A robust web-based out-of-the-box CRM application built for insurance distributors (MGA, FMO, IMO, and Brokers) who have outgrown their current tools. Drive growth and manage the complexity of a multi-carrier, multi-channel distribution. We offer unmatched flexibility and configurability to maintain the uniqueness of each distributors business module that fosters producer management, recruiting, sales opportunity management, 24×7 accessibility and VUE analytics.

VUE CRM for Insurance Distributors requires the purchase of a VUE module e.g. (VUE Compensation or VUE Contracting & Compliance or both)


Contact Management

  • Sales record management
  • Sales meeting note sharing
  • Producer critical life events and interests
  • Service request tracking
  • Capture notes and call reports

Work Management

  • Tasks and activity tracking
  • Calendar management
  • Document upload
  • Reporting
  • Custom document creation
  • Email “mail merge”
  • Document storage


  • Producer prospect pipeline management
  • Recruiting dashboard
  • Social media insight
  • Producer qualification

Sales Opportunity Management

  • Lead management and duplicate detection
  • Lead and opportunity tracking
  • Opportunity reporting and dashboards
  • Sales KPI dashboards
  • Sales call reports

Sales Reporting

  • Book of business database of polices
  • Active policy measurements
  • Key performance metrics tracking: total revenue per policy, book of business, renewals and retention and loss ratios, etc.


Performance Management

  • Track both monetary and non-monetary goals and performance to date
  • Enhanced producer relationship (meeting notes, call reports, etc.)
  • Service requests
  • Production reports

Custom Sales Workflows

  • Customized sales process rules
  • Streamline administrative processes
  • Automate work distribution
  • Sales trend analysis
  • Unlimited related objects and entities
  • Content library
  • Integration with Marketing Automation Systems

VUE Analytics

  • Sales performance reporting with targeted KPI’s
  • Profitability analytics
  • Producer segmentation by category
  • Producer run rates, sales, policies and loss tracking
  • Customizable dashboard creation

Requires Producer Self-Service Portal*

“Give your producers the power to maintain their own information”

  • Activity views
  • Reporting
  • Service requests
  • 24/7 profile updates
  • Task management
  • Producer specific dashboards

VUE Components


  • Marketing automation systems
  • Compliance systems
  • Policy admin systems
  • Document management systems

Producer Database

  • Producer profiles (accounts) with demographics
  • License and appointment framework
  • User defined fields and entities

Tools to simplify the work

  • Work que metrics and dashboards
  • Personalized queries and results
  • Audit trail down to the field and user level
  • Upload document
  • Create and support all digital applications
  • Exception tracking and escalation
  • Add notes at producer or credential level

Hierarchy Management

  • Unlimited many to many hierarchies
  • Reporting hierarchies
  • Commission hierarchies
  • Book of business transfers

Communicate and approve with ease

  • Follow-up and submit requests for approval
  • Email links or documents one at a time or in bulk
  • Automatic tasks and emails based on parameters you set

Tools to automate the work (Requires Performance Management Plan)

  • Graphical workflow and questionnaire designer
  • Form designer with branching
  • Letter and email generation


“Integrity is growing and a critical part of our success is deploying optimal technologies that positively impact our company. We selected VUE Software because its technology is scalable, flexible and will grow with us and meet our future needs. VUE truly understands our business and is a key partner in our growth strategy. This is a very exciting initiative that allows us to enter new markets quickly, profitably, and effectively.” 

Bryan Adams

Managing Partner

After the many years of introducing, integrating and building a tool, it was totally refreshing to work with knowledgeable and critical thinking people. The staff that helped ‘build out’ for Golden Outlook, needs a big Thank you from us. I hope your top management recognize these people as “Top Shelf Staff”. I hope to continue working with them.

Alan Sundeen

Senior Business Analyst, OPTUM

“VUE software offers a well-rounded, flexible system that will save us time, reduce risk and increase efficiency. I really enjoy the relationship I have with the VUE Software team, from sales to delivery. Everyone has a great attitude and is fun to work with,”

Heather Roberts

Licensing Manager

“With our business expansion, we needed a system that could manage our commissions processing and help track a rapidly-expanding distribution channel. VUE Software provided us with a solution that would fit well into our existing model and scale to meet growth expectations. The VUE Software team’s understanding of our business and experience in implementing solutions for other managing general agencies are major factors that prompted our decision.”

Don Fronczak

Chief Operating Officer

Producer Database

Organize policies and producers by managing day-to-day tasks with other users on the VUE network such as brokers, IMOs, and home-office users in other locations. You may segment producers based on different characteristics and devise growth plans for each segment, formulate distribution strategies based on actual performance to support better decision making, and create customized incentives that enhance the overall producer–carrier relationship.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Lead & Opportunity Management

Manage insured lead distribution with a 360˚ real-time view of your producer via interactive dashboards. VUE allows users to track key performance measures, critical sales metrics (such as premium growth), book of business, retention ratio, and pipeline management. VUE Software’s Producer Relationship Management feature builds pre-populated custom documents to suit your needs.

Accelerate Producer Recruiting and Expand new Channels

Automate the entire recruiting process from producer lead acquisition to producer contracting via paperless e-forms. The producer qualification process is completely customizable to your business strategies and seamlessly loads data into the contracting process. Managers have access to a comprehensive funnel dashboard with detailed views of prospects and their activities, enabling them to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and growth.

Built Exclusively For Insurance Distributors

VUE CRM for Insurance distributors, in conjunction with VUE Contracting & Compliance and VUE Compensation modules, enables your marketing & sales operations to recruit, qualify, contract, implement complex distribution strategies, manage hierarchies, automate reports, document, audit, and administer tasks. VUE CRM for Insurance is configured to each user’s specifications, is mobile-enabled, and allows your distribution partners and producers to have 24/7/365 access to pertinent information.

Sales Performance Management | Performance Analytics

VUE Analytics

Deliver real-time data analysis, whether the data source is a VUE Software platform, third-party vendor platform, homegrown data warehouse, or other data store. VUE Analytics uses the reporting hierarchy to manage access to personal views based on factors you choose. Increase operational effectiveness with an easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution that leverages the latest in web services technologies and security.

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