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VUE Contracting & Compliance

Solution Overview

VUE Contracting & Compliance is designed for large distributors (MGA, FMO, IMO, and Brokers) working with multiple insurers who wish to modernize their administration and grow their business. VUE’s once-and-done workflow automates the entire producer management process including producer licensing, contracting, and compliance. It automates the contracting of new producers with digital processing that ensures regulatory compliance, complete self-service automation of additional appointment requests, license terminations, and ongoing product training certification.



  • Electronic submission of data
    Collect relevant business information
    Obtain disclosures
    Pull and verify license information automatically
    Upload supporting documentation
  • Automated checklist for requirements
  • Finalize multiple producer/carrier contracts
  • E-signature support
  • Contracting data repository to support subsequent additional contracting
  • Track producer training certifications and other carrier requirements


  • One-click synchronization to the NIPR and PDB with VUE PDB Recon
  • Online Universal Application Resident license (RL)
  • Non-resident license (NRL)
  • RL/NRL renewal process (individual and bulk)
  • Fee tracking


Appointing Requests and Tracking

  • One-click license synchronization to the PDB with VUE PDB Recon
  • Multiple methods of appointments requests including email, file, submission of paper forms
  • Appointment tracking status from request to carrier confirmation
  • NIPR confirmation and reconciliation of appointments


  • Complete checklist to approve producer activation
  • Ready to sell tracking
  • Eligibility web service for administration systems
  • Eligibility reporting

Requires Producer Self-Service Portal*

  • “Give your producers 24/7 capabilities to maintain their compliance information”
Self Service Producer Management*
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Add/change producer profiles
  • Add/change office locations
  • Onboard producers and contacts
  • Add/terminate contracts
Self Service Compliance*
  • Eligibility reporting
  • Upload compliance documentation
  • View licenses and appointments

VUE Components

Producer Database

  • Producer profiles with demographics
  • License and appointment for eligibility checking
  • User defined fields and entities


  • Supports all major background check vendors
  • Out of the box integration with NIPR
  • Mass update capability
  • Education tracking with leading training vendors
  • Easy integration with existing systems using VUE Integration Manager

Tools to automate the work

  • Graphical workflow and questionnaire designer
  • Form designer with branching
  • Letter and email generation
  • Report writer

Hierarchy Management

  • Reporting and commissionable hierarchies
  • Tools to replace, promote, and merge producers within hierarchies

Tools to simplify the work

  • Work que metrics and dashboards
  • Personalized queries and results
  • Audit trail down to the field and user level
  • Upload document
  • Exception tracking and escalation
  • Add notes at producer or credential level

Communicate and approve with ease

  • Follow-up and submit requests for approval
  • Email links or documents one at a time or in bulk
  • Automatic tasks and emails based on parameters you set


“We are very pleased to be working with VUE Software as our technology partner to progressively move our company forward in agency management.  We will be better able to service our agents across the nation by providing enhanced online contracting and commission statements.  VUE Software will enable us to pursue our growth plans to become even stronger in the Field Marketing Organization arena.” 

Melvin Copeland

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“VUE software offers a well-rounded, flexible system that will save us time, reduce risk and increase efficiency. I really enjoy the relationship I have with the VUE Software team, from sales to delivery. Everyone has a great attitude and is fun to work with,”

Heather Roberts

Licensing Manager

“We selected VUE Software’s Producer Compensation Management because it has a proven record of handling the complexities inherent in our business. The VUE Software team’s industry expertise and history of successful deliveries assured us that we are choosing the right strategic partner for this project.”

Ryan Patterson

Vice President

Modernize Contracting And Credentialing

Modernize contracting with real-time, easy-to-manage workflows that bring third-party information such as background and credit checks, and license information into VUE’s modern distribution platform. Workflow-driven contracting is easy and makes a great first impression. Pre-filled and contextual forms reduce effort and capture only what is needed from producers to optimize and enhance the onboarding experience.

Reducing Time to Market | Producer Contracting

Expand Your Reach

VUE’s electronic submission and contracting process provides distributors the ability to rapidly contract both new producers as well as increase the number of insurers. VUE’s workflow enables distributors to efficiently create a one (producer) to many (carrier) contracting model.

One-Click Access to the NIPR

VUE Software integrates in real-time with the NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) and Producer Database (PDB) allowing distributors to upload new producer demographics, licenses, appointments, and RIRS (Regulatory Information Retrieval System) actions. VUE Software clients can populate up-to-date licenses and appointments in real-time through VUE PDB RECON, delivering one-click access to the PDB.  VUE clients can easily and regularly update their producers’ licenses and appointments to maintain compliance.

VUE’s Self-Service Portal Revolutionizes Producer-Carrier Relationships*

Producers have 24/7/365 access (anywhere, anytime, and on any device) to information, allowing them to focus on sales rather than administrative tasks. With VUE’s Producer self-service portal, producers enjoy a flexible, paperless connection from contracting to electronically requesting additional appointments to changing workflows. Administer producer relationships with ease using automated license-expiration notices and workflow processes that are fully automated straight-through to the NIPR. VUE Contracting & Compliance integrates seamlessly with VUE’s Producer Self-Service Portal.

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