Support compensation plans

of any type with bonus plans and
contingent commissions.

Vue Compensation

Solution Overview

A powerful and flexible solution that makes it easy for large distributors (MGA, FMO, IMO, and Brokers) to administer revenue and provide rich commission and incentive programs.

Benefits & Features

  • Support Compensation & Commissions
  • Insurance Product-Line Support
  • Automates Compensation Plans & Payouts
  • Custom Compensation Workflows
  • Distributor Book of Business
  • Supports Gamification and Multiple Hierarchy

"We needed a commission system to consolidate commission statements from multiple carriers into one commission statement for our agents. Vue’s Producer Compensation Management system empowers our agents to sell for many different carriers without the headache of multiple commission statements and payments giving them a huge advantage in the marketplace. In addition, Vue’s Produce Portal allows our agents to go to one website to see their commission statements and the amount of their payments for that week.”.

Steve Hatem

Chief Executive Officer

“With our business expansion, we needed a system that could manage our commissions processing and help track a rapidly-expanding distribution channel. Vue provided us with a solution that would fit well into our existing model and scale to meet growth expectations. The Vue team’s understanding of our business and experience in implementing solutions for other managing general agencies are major factors that prompted our decision.”

Don Fronczak

Chief Operating Officer
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“We selected Vue’s Producer Compensation Management because it has a proven record of handling the complexities inherent in our business. The Vue team’s industry expertise and history of successful deliveries assured us that we are choosing the right strategic partner for this project.”

Ryan Patterson

Vice President

Vue Tools and Technology for
MGAs, IMOs & Distributors

Manage Any Type Of Compensation Plan

Utilizing the intuitive interface of Vue Compensation, distributors can create incentive programs (i.e. commissions, bonuses, gamification), that maximize sales for the most profitable products. React quickly to market opportunities with flexible compensation strategies. Gain a competitive advantage and deliver the flexibility sales and marketing executives require in today’s market.

Increase Producer Retention And Satisfaction

Vue Compensation enables producers to access clear compensation metrics and commission statements that are easily understood. Statement accuracy allows producers to focus on sales and revenue rather than wasting time on shadow accounting. This accuracy increases retention and satisfaction as producers choose to do business with carriers that make it easy to do business.

Hierarchy Management

Vue’s advanced automation capabilities greatly enhance the management of complex producer and distributor hierarchies to ensure accuracy and timeliness of commission transactions. You can drill down into the details of how each policy is paid, along with reporting hierarchies for effective, accurate commission payments.

VUE Software - Compensation Dashboards

Transform Producer Satisfaction With Vue’s Self-Service Portal*

Vue’s Self-Service Portal allows you to customize and automate the entire commission process including commission records and online commission-dispute resolution. It also enables producers to download commission and tax records, manage sales quotas and targets, and report bonus qualifications and approvals with full production reporting. Vue Compensation integrates seamlessly with Vue’s Producer Self-Service Portal.

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