VUE Analytics and Reporting for Book of Business and Sales Performance.


To survive in a fast-paced business environment, management-level employees must be aware of available tools and integrate them into their daily business processes. Analytic tools are no longer optional; they are a necessity. In Gartner’s “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017,” artificial intelligence (analytics) takes the top 3 spots. Being able to spot trends (both internally and externally), and react to them quickly is what separates the winners from the losers. It is not humanly possible to effectively monitor the amount of constantly available data to gain clear insight into your business. Analytics can help to solve that problem.

Some benefits:

  • Provides real-time data analysis.
  • It empowers business users by enabling them to work more effectively without depending on IT professionals. It also allows them to build their own key performance indicators (KPI’s) and create powerful reports without any technical knowledge.
  • Users gain insights into their business with the click of a button through user-friendly dashboards and data mining tools that provide instant access to important information such as business trends, which are important for monitoring and analyzing the performance of their business unit.
  • Monitoring sales performance by drilling-down through surface information to uncover connections between compensation and sales behavior. This enables managers to motivate their sales force by designing more effective compensation plans to increase sales performance.

Advanced Analytics for InsuranceVUE Analytics delivers real-time data analysis, whether the data source is a VUE Software platform, a third-party vendor platform, a homegrown data warehouse, or another data store. The reporting hierarchy enables top management to limit access to personal views based on product, personnel, and information. VUE Analytics allows key professionals to access accurate data and drill down into that data to spot trends for optimal decision making, which gives them the ability plan more efficiently, manage processes, and execute their plans to meet and exceed expectations. It also provides insight by drilling down through surface information to uncover connections between compensation and sales behavior. This powerful analytics tool empowers the business user by providing the information for better and more precise decision making.



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