Two Things to Win Producer Favor and Market Share


In the current world of automation, everything revolves around how quick and efficient things are getting done. After all, that’s the primary reason for people seeking automation.

As an insurance company, you’ll love to have all your agents write as much business as possible for you in the quickest possible time. It’s not wrong thinking like this. In fact that’s being normal. If you don’t get that account, then someone from a different company would. This makes perfect business sense – also a sense of required urgency to tap into market share swiftly.

Similarly, producers, especially the talented ones, without demeaning others, should be treated as customers. If you don’t hire them in the quickest possible time when they are available, someone else certainly would. Get hold of them right away for they are in demand. I am sure nobody wants to see these guys walk over to their competitors.

In reality though, these things can happen for various reasons. But this should never happen because you are lagging behind the trends of embracing the tools and systems that are available today.

Do you have the right systems that’ll let you onboard producers in a matter of hours? Do you have the support of tools that’ll make producers want to work with you?

These are a couple of really important questions that you need to ask yourself if you want to succeed in the insurance business. No matter how many channels you create to sell your products, producers are still the most favorite channel for your paying customers. They are the advisors that people go to while researching on all the available insurance products in the market. And you’d want to win their favor in the first place if you want to win over your customers.

And this is just a part of the true #DistributionModernization.


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