The Value of Automating Producer Onboarding


In the last few years, insurers have realized the value of automating their processes more than ever before. I have no doubt that IT implementations will continue moving forward, judging from the way independent software vendors (ISVs) are coming up with new, insurance-focused solutions, especially in the realm of Web-based solutions.

One such area for automation is the agent and producer onboarding process. We have already seen the industry moving towards computerizing the once paper-based method of contracting a new agent. But changing the process needs more attention than the method itself. Linking the disparate systems involved will hold the key to providing the highest value to the  producer onboarding process.

Today, solutions like VUE producer Onboarding accommodate the multiple steps involved into a simple process for onboarding new producers. The system itself initiates the background checks and verifies licenses and appointments, eliminating the cumulative manual effort and reducing onboarding time for the bulk of producers from days to hours.

VUE Producer Onboarding delivers the tools and integration points for the appointment, contracting, and licensing phases of the full lifecycle of producer management. VUE Producer Onboarding helps deliver rapid return on investment through:

  • Agile agent on-boarding
  • Funnel visibility
  • Just-in-time appointments
  • No third-party transaction fees
  • Increased selling time
  • Lower cost of ownership

Learn more about the features and value you could realize from VUE Producer Onboarding here on the website, or register here for a free product demo.


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