Takeaways from the 30th IRMI Construction Risk Conference


As the 30th IRMI Construction Risk Conference came to a close yesterday, we were struck by some key takeaways. As a provider of wrap-up administration technology, we were drawn to sessions about OCIPs and CCIPs, presented by key specialists such as Kathleen Creedon of Wrap Strategies and Richard Resnick of Aon.

These experts discussed the importance of quality CIP manuals and their ability to explain to contractors specifically how to include insurance cost in their bids. We learned that a win-win philosophy applied to the operation of CCIPs is best, and that these programs can provide benefits to all parties involved.

We had many conversations with the nation’s largest brokers, administrators and insurers about the value of a standard technology platform for managing CIPs. Platforms currently in place were developed 10-15 years ago, and are no longer meeting the needs of administrators and their clients.

We learned that the industry is crying out for a cost effective, web-accessible solution that can be used by brokers, administrators and contractors in managing their wrap-up programs. We look forward to continuing the conversation with our new contacts and exploring how we can positively impact the industry by meeting this important demand with our VUE Wrap-Up Management platform.

Cheers to an enjoyable, valuable and informative conference and hope to see you all next year!


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