Google Enters Insurance Business, Insurance Companies Begin Selling White Paint

In order to understand Google’s motivation to sell insurance – actually more of an exchange concept – you need to understand how Google makes money.

by John Sarich2015

Why the Insurance Industry is a Natural Home for Millennials

Human resources, not claims nor underwriting, has been one of the leading topics at insurance industry conferences over the past decade. As the people who built and maintained the older, still prevalent technologies are retiring and leaving the workforce, they leave behind decades of knowledge about the inner-workings of the legacy programs that support the day-to-day insurance business.

The question that insurance management at all levels and in all career fields must answer is: who will replace the old work force? 

by John Sarich2014

How Millennials Will Shape the Future of Insurance

Millennials will reshape not only how the work is done in an insurance company, but how the company should go to market, improve customer service, sell its products and through which channels. And that’s not all.

by John Sarich2014

5 Insurance Tech Trends for 2014

In many respects, the property-casualty industry is slow moving when it comes to new technology. However, the industry is on the front line of societal and business change and must develop and launch products that meet specific needs in the marketplace.


by John Sarich2014

Takeaways from the LOMA 2010 Distribution and Emerging Technology Conference

Last week, attendees from senior management at Life Insurance companies across the US and Canada convened in South Florida to discuss emerging technologies impacting their business and distribution. As the keynotes and sessions progressed, a theme emerged of how life insurers could “get connected”.

by Stephanie Castro2010

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Makes Fitness Program Available to More Missouri Seniors

With the economy barely inching towards recovery, now is a time for health care insurers to be innovative. To stand out in a crowd of comparable coverage options, providing more services for the same expense has never been more important.

by Stephanie Castro2010