Five Guidelines to Kickstart your Social Media Strategy

Living in a technology savvy world, the majority of the population knows how social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. can be used. We could agree that it’s mostly to interact with society such as adding friends, commenting on profiles, joining groups, and sometimes, if the time is right, having meaningful discussions. But using social media for business purposes…

by Arjun Somanchi2014

The forecast for Insurers is Cloudy with a chance of Social Media

Right. The “cloud” or cloud computing, a term that means different things to many people but retain the same basic concept: my data, in the sky. For insurers, this could simply translate to less investment in hardware, increased scalability, and reductions of IT maintenance costs. But wait, there is more!

by Fernando Larez2013

Reaching out through Twitter: The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Story

It’s common knowledge today that social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook are fast emerging as effective marketing tools for many business-to-consumer companies. They enable companies to reach a wider audience in a very simple way that is part of their customers’ daily lives.

by Stephanie Castro2009