Portals are Free. How Much is Yours Costing You?

For many, the simple mention of the word “portal” conjures up thoughts of technology that didn’t quite deliver as advertised. While portals are relatively common in the insurance industry, their usefulness is limited by poor design, lack of understanding of how portals should be used, a limited view of information that can be shared or accessed, and cumbersome processes.

by John Sarich2014

Don’t be Left Behind: Using Portals to Increase Agent Productivity

Technology is advancing at amazing speeds. Keeping up can be challenging. The good news is that you can capitalize on technology to secure the loyalty of top-performing producers and boost their productivity. The right producer portal solution incentivizes producers to sell more, positively impacting the bottom line.

by Abhinav Dave2014

5 Insurance Tech Trends for 2014

In many respects, the property-casualty industry is slow moving when it comes to new technology. However, the industry is on the front line of societal and business change and must develop and launch products that meet specific needs in the marketplace.


by John Sarich2014

Invest in Producer Friendly Tools and Powerful Processes to Secure Producer Loyalty

This year’s LIMRA Distribution Conference gives another opportunity for us to interact with industry experts and distribution professionals, and understand the latest shifts in the insurance industry. Last year’s focus was on providing…

by Arjun Somanchi2013

Health Insurers: Stand Out From the Crowd with Sophisticated Customer Follow-up

The competition in the health insurance industry is growing tighter as the market continues to provide ample options of policies for customers to choose from. Competition will only intensify, especially once the new health insurance mandate takes effect.

by Joseph Westlake2010

Life Insurance Industry Changes Highlight the Importance of IT

Change over time is commonplace in any industry. The insurance industry in particular finds itself subject to changes that greatly impact business as usual. Regulations, soft markets, and evolving technologies all take their toll on insurance business processes.

by Stephanie Castro2010

Win agents over with quality products and friendly web portal

As per a recent Report on Agent Insight Tour conducted by AgencyPort, web based solutions are the need of the hour for carriers wishing to maintain a healthy relationship with their agents. The first decisive factor for an agent to choose a carrier is still quality of product.


by Joseph Westlake2009

Leveraging Producer Portals for Effective Distribution Management

Any discussion about automation and distribution management in the insurance industry seems incomplete without mentioning producer portals. With a commission system integrated with a producer portal, carriers can be proactive with sales by organizing prospect information, the producers’ interaction with them, and the details of where the consumer is in the buying cycle.

by Stephanie Castro2009