Is the Industry prepared for auto insurance telematics transformation?

Telematics is a new entrant in the insurance industry. The change will be profound and could be as extensive as initial uses of insurance computerization or the internet.


by Scott Shepard2014

P&C Carriers Finding New Flexibility in Agency Management

Our industry conferences always deliver a fresh dose of business insight. These events help craft our product development vision and reveal relevant new trends in the industry. Agency Management and distribution management solutions were of higher priority during the sessions at this year’s ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum.

by Joseph Westlake2012

Unlock the Potential of Agency Productivity with Sophisticated Distribution Management Solution

Property and casualty insurance systems are evolving. From our vantage we see more and more functionality being split off from the core policy administration system as expectations are elevated for distribution functions, cross-selling, and service.

by Joseph Westlake2012