Is the Industry prepared for auto insurance telematics transformation?

Telematics is a new entrant in the insurance industry. The change will be profound and could be as extensive as initial uses of insurance computerization or the internet.


by Scott Shepard2014

P&C Insurers: Sustain Profitability through the Right Mix of Technology Tools

A study by Deep Customer Connections on agents for property and casualty carriers paints a clear picture on the current technology trends for this industry. The report reaffirms the fact that agents can achieve a higher level of success in their profession with adequate help from technology tools.

by Stephanie Castro2010

The Staggering Financial Implications of Rebuilding Haiti

The recent disaster in Haiti has been sobering to consider. The loss of life has been tragic, and the need for medical care and supplies for survivors is nearly overwhelming. Thankfully, world-wide aid efforts have been impressive in mobilizing to care for those in need, and aid organizations continue to make strides to help the victims of this natural disaster.

by Stephanie Castro2010

P&C Insurers – Migrate from Legacy Systems to Save Costs and Retain Customers

Recently, the P&C insurance industry has seen a decrease in demand for its products, and consequently a dip in profitability. Factors such as economic recession, the forecast of a moderate hurricane season and lower prices for commercial insurance are the primary drivers for this decline.

by Joseph Westlake2010