PPACA is coming. Effectively Prepare for Approaching Deadlines

The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is upon us and is making many a bit uneasy –especially insurance carriers and producers. This was implemented because the United States is spending twice as much on health care as other developed countries with less than optimal results; hence, a reform to bring improvements and efficiency is being seen as…

by John Sarich2013

Invest in Producer Friendly Tools and Powerful Processes to Secure Producer Loyalty

This year’s LIMRA Distribution Conference gives another opportunity for us to interact with industry experts and distribution professionals, and understand the latest shifts in the insurance industry. Last year’s focus was on providing…

by Arjun Somanchi2013

Six Areas Carriers Need to Focus on to Improve their Producer Onboarding Process

With technology advancements, every aspect of routine processes can be optimized, paving the way to streamlined and efficient methods that can make the difference between success and failure. Producer onboarding is one such functional process that insurance carriers, be it health, life, or property and casualty (P&C), need to focus on to improve.

by Arjun Somanchi2012