Two Key Implementation Phases Where Information Is Generally Lost In Translation

Not every insurance technology implementation succeeds from a revenue generation and business process optimization standpoint. There are a few insurers out there who are still using systems that limit their business growth potential. 

by Arjun Somanchi2015

Risk Mitigation and Producer Compliance, among other things

Insurance is all about risk mitigation. The same amount of attention paid to administering policies should be applied to your producers’ compliance, or lack thereof.

by Erin Gillooly2014

What if Google or Amazon Sold Insurance?

The great economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term and the concept creative destruction, which is the idea that business is in a constant state of innovation and change, and companies that can’t adapt and change will lose customers, market share and ultimately go out of business. With the ever-increasing dominance of companies like Google and Amazon, could the traditional sale of insurance fall prey to this phenomenon too?

by John Sarich2014

Top 6 Tips to Overhaul your Insurance Compensation Management Process

Like many other insurers, you may have found that compensating producers involves unnecessary expenditures, time-consuming error corrections, convoluted spreadsheets and difficulties designing and communicating incentives. With our longstanding expertise in insurance distribution, we’ve been addressing these and other common challenges for more than 23 years. We recommend certain critical best practices that help you leverage compensation management technology to improve efficiencies and increase revenue. 

by Fernando Larez2014

5 Insurance Tech Trends for 2014

In many respects, the property-casualty industry is slow moving when it comes to new technology. However, the industry is on the front line of societal and business change and must develop and launch products that meet specific needs in the marketplace.


by John Sarich2014

VUE Software Receives 2013 Best Software Company of Coconut Creek Award

Vue Software has been selected for the 2013 Best of Coconut Creek Award in the Software Company category by the Coconut Creek Award Program.

by Stephanie Castro2013

Medicare Advantage: What it means for private insurers.

When working adults turn 65, they have a lot of options about their health coverage. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, currently about 25 percent of Medicare enrollees have opted for Medicare Part C, also known as the Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.

by John Sarich2013

The forecast for Insurers is Cloudy with a chance of Social Media

Right. The “cloud” or cloud computing, a term that means different things to many people but retain the same basic concept: my data, in the sky. For insurers, this could simply translate to less investment in hardware, increased scalability, and reductions of IT maintenance costs. But wait, there is more!

by Fernando Larez2013

The Great Equalizer: Cloud-Based Tech Allows Small Carriers to Think Big

Cloud technology has the potential to become the “great equalizer” within the insurance industry. Small and mid-size companies are able to compete in a significantly larger arena with this type of enterprise system.

by John Sarich2013

Key Takeaways from IASA: Reform, Analytics, and 3 More Trends in Insurance Technology

The VUE Software team had a great experience at the IASA 2013 Annual Conference and Business Show held at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC. Our drink token sponsorship was a big hit, with nearly 500 attendees…


by Stephanie Castro2013