Is the Industry prepared for auto insurance telematics transformation?

Telematics is a new entrant in the insurance industry. The change will be profound and could be as extensive as initial uses of insurance computerization or the internet.


by Scott Shepard2014

Ask yourself: who is my customer?

The key to gaining competitive advantage in insurance is the same as most other industries, you need to have strong leadership, good products and exemplary customer service. 

by Eric Bustos2014

We are looking forward to Impress, Inspire, and Ignite at the #IASA2014 Conference

This year at IASA is particularly a very special year. VUE Software, will be showcasing the latest version of our all-in-one insurance distribution solution: VUE Distribution Management Suite. Come and visit our booth #1338.

by Fernando Larez2014

Don’t be Left Behind: Using Portals to Increase Agent Productivity

Technology is advancing at amazing speeds. Keeping up can be challenging. The good news is that you can capitalize on technology to secure the loyalty of top-performing producers and boost their productivity. The right producer portal solution incentivizes producers to sell more, positively impacting the bottom line.

by Abhinav Dave2014

How Millennials Will Shape the Future of Insurance

Millennials will reshape not only how the work is done in an insurance company, but how the company should go to market, improve customer service, sell its products and through which channels. And that’s not all.

by John Sarich2014

Top 6 Tips to Overhaul your Insurance Compensation Management Process

Like many other insurers, you may have found that compensating producers involves unnecessary expenditures, time-consuming error corrections, convoluted spreadsheets and difficulties designing and communicating incentives. With our longstanding expertise in insurance distribution, we’ve been addressing these and other common challenges for more than 23 years. We recommend certain critical best practices that help you leverage compensation management technology to improve efficiencies and increase revenue. 

by Fernando Larez2014