Another Winning Year for VUE Software

The third quarter usually turns out to be the busiest time of year here at VUE Software. The awards and recognition we receive around this time of year are especially of note .

Efforts on product development always take the front seat at VUE Software.

by Arjun Somanchi2012

Maximize Your Distribution Channel with Incentive Compensation for Insurance

With the slowly recovering economy and impending healthcare reform, many insurers are taking a closer look at the way they do business. More insurers are embracing technology as a means to differentiate themselves at a leader in a crowded and competitive marketplace.


by Stephanie Castro2009

An Emerging Trend in Insurance Commission Technology

In the current economic scenario, insurers are acutely aware of the need for greater customer satisfaction and higher retention rates. Insurers realize that improved customer loyalty helps reduce overall costs and gain more value.

by Stephanie Castro2009