Technology: The Key to Symbiotic Advisor-Carrier Relationships

Agent-carrier relationships can be a lot like romantic relationships: it takes communication and effort to make them work long term. How carriers manage their relationships with agents will undoubtedly dictate the quality and quantity of business they will witness in the long run. 

by John Sarich2013

Distribution Modernization “Jazzed” attendees at SILA 2013 in New Orleans

The VUE software team got “jazzed for the future” at the SILA’s 24th Annual Educational Conference at the Marriot Hotel in New Orleans on September 22nd to the 25th. The conference featured many industry professionals that conducted sessions with priceless information.

by Fernando Larez2013

The forecast for Insurers is Cloudy with a chance of Social Media

Right. The “cloud” or cloud computing, a term that means different things to many people but retain the same basic concept: my data, in the sky. For insurers, this could simply translate to less investment in hardware, increased scalability, and reductions of IT maintenance costs. But wait, there is more!

by Fernando Larez2013

Two Things to Win Producer Favor and Market Share

Producers, especially the talented ones, without demeaning others, should be treated as customers. If you don’t hire them in the quickest possible time when they are available, someone else certainly would. Get hold of them right away for they are in demand.

by Arjun Somanchi2013