Some say “Change is Inevitable”. What do you think?

The evolution to Distribution Management Systems (DMS) that are focused on producer relationships has been a slow steady progression (over the last decade) away from homegrown applications that were focused on administration.  This change was inevitable, however, it may hard to put into perspective. 

by Roger Lavine2014

Distribution Modernization Spotlighted at ACORD LOMA 2013

The annual ACORD LOMA Conference wrapped up last week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. The conference, billed as “the Insurance Industry’s Premier Business, Technology, and Networking Event,” emphasizes new technology trends impacting the insurance industry, especially…

by Stephanie Castro2013

Invest in Producer Friendly Tools and Powerful Processes to Secure Producer Loyalty

This year’s LIMRA Distribution Conference gives another opportunity for us to interact with industry experts and distribution professionals, and understand the latest shifts in the insurance industry. Last year’s focus was on providing…

by Arjun Somanchi2013

Another Winning Year for VUE Software

The third quarter usually turns out to be the busiest time of year here at VUE Software. The awards and recognition we receive around this time of year are especially of note .

Efforts on product development always take the front seat at VUE Software.

by Arjun Somanchi2012

P&C Carriers Finding New Flexibility in Agency Management

Our industry conferences always deliver a fresh dose of business insight. These events help craft our product development vision and reveal relevant new trends in the industry. Agency Management and distribution management solutions were of higher priority during the sessions at this year’s ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum.

by Joseph Westlake2012

Unlock the Potential of Agency Productivity with Sophisticated Distribution Management Solution

Property and casualty insurance systems are evolving. From our vantage we see more and more functionality being split off from the core policy administration system as expectations are elevated for distribution functions, cross-selling, and service.

by Joseph Westlake2012

2012 LIMRA Distribution Conference Concluded on the Right Note

The 2012 LIMRA Distribution Conference was a great opportunity for me at to connect with our clients and other industry professionals. I use these events as a way to focus the feedback to our product development team and identify new challenges and trends that are top of mind for companies that can make use of our solutions.

by Joseph Westlake2012

Six Areas Carriers Need to Focus on to Improve their Producer Onboarding Process

With technology advancements, every aspect of routine processes can be optimized, paving the way to streamlined and efficient methods that can make the difference between success and failure. Producer onboarding is one such functional process that insurance carriers, be it health, life, or property and casualty (P&C), need to focus on to improve.

by Arjun Somanchi2012

Online Billing Improves Customer Relationships

The need for insurers to offer online services that appeal to consumers is picking up momentum, and could well become the differentiating factor between success and failure in strengthening customer relationships.

by Joseph Westlake2011

VUE Software – 2011, the Year Thus Far

2011 is turning out to be a busy and exciting year for VUE Software. New products like VUE CRM for Insurance, VUE Benefit Summary Tool and VUE Producer Onboarding have seen great momentum in the life, health and P&C insurance segments. The company also added data entry as an optional service to clients of its VUE Wrap-Up Management platform.

by Arjun Somanchi2011