Top 6 Tips to Overhaul your Insurance Compensation Management Process

Like many other insurers, you may have found that compensating producers involves unnecessary expenditures, time-consuming error corrections, convoluted spreadsheets and difficulties designing and communicating incentives. With our longstanding expertise in insurance distribution, we’ve been addressing these and other common challenges for more than 23 years. We recommend certain critical best practices that help you leverage compensation management technology to improve efficiencies and increase revenue. 

by Fernando Larez2014

Unlock the Potential of Agency Productivity with Sophisticated Distribution Management Solution

Property and casualty insurance systems are evolving. From our vantage we see more and more functionality being split off from the core policy administration system as expectations are elevated for distribution functions, cross-selling, and service.

by Joseph Westlake2012

Carriers’ Post-Health Reform Success lies with Compensation Management and Customer Relationship Management Technologies

There has been much talk about the changes that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will bring to the way health plans operate. In a previous blog post, we mentioned a few points that could influence decision-making and alter existing processes for health insurance organizations.

by Stephanie Castro2010

Is your company a Robin Hood?

A recent article “A Robin Hood for Inconvenienced Fliers in Europe” in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention for the company’s innovative use of software technology to address a social issue. The article profiles a company founded by Dutch software executive Hendrik Noorderhaven for the benefit of inconvenienced air passengers in Europe.

by Stephanie Castro2009