Support Agents Throughout the Sales Cycle to Better Meet Client Needs – VUE Software at AHIP Institute 2010


Health insurers will be faced by challenges in the near future with the implementation of health care reform. Given the multitude of sanctions in the bill, there will be a big impact on the insurance business model. A few important points that could influence decision making are:

  • Fixed Medical Loss Ratios
  • Pre-existing Conditions and Removal of Lifetime Caps
  • Universal Coverage

What actions should insurers take to best position themselves in the wake of this new and multifaceted law? We anticipate that things such as cost control and ultra-lean operations will be foremost on your minds.

Insurance organizations need to devise a strategy that will allow them to sync with the mandates in the reform bill and stabilize their internal operational structure. They will benefit most if they treat this time as an opportunity to rethink organizational systems and position themselves to adapt to the potential business growth and react quickly to changes. With the right systems in place, carriers will be able to effortlessly manage key operations like distribution. The distribution channel plays a significant role in penetrating the market with new products – an essential factor to stay above the competition.

This year’s AHIP Institute 2010 conference to be held at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, provides a great opportunity for health care and health insurance organizations and executives to understand the big picture and devise the right strategies for the future. We are excited to showcase our solutions at AHIP and discuss how health plans can better support their distribution partners, giving them the insight they need to be smart and productive.

Carriers using a comprehensive commissions and incentive compensation management solution that can seamlessly integrate with multiple systems including CRM can lead the way, as proven by one of our recent customers, Insphere Insurance Solutions.

VUE Software is providing a free opportunity to AHIP attendees to register for a webcast presented by a Vice President of Insphere Insurance Solutions titled Customer Relationship Management for Distribution Success: Support Agents Throughout the Sales Cycle to Better Meet Client Needs.

Visit VUE Software at the Microsoft booth #523 for more details or click here to register online.

VUE Software delivers sales performance capabilities to carriers through VUE Incentive Point, which integrates its premier offering VUE Compensation Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution is available in on-premise and on-demand (Software-as-a-Service) models, giving insurers even greater flexibility and lower cost of ownership.


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