Six Areas Carriers Need to Focus on to Improve their Producer Onboarding Process


With technology advancements, every aspect of routine processes can be optimized, paving the way to streamlined and efficient methods that can make the difference between success and failure. Producer onboarding is one such functional process that insurance carriers, be it health, life, or property and casualty (P&C), need to focus on to improve.

The following six areas for improvement should be top on the list for carriers to examine in order to optimize their producer onboarding process.

  • Onboarding Velocity: As a forward thinking carrier, you need to look at the timeframe that your process takes to onboard a single producer. Is this in line with your organizational planning and execution, or are there steps that could improve your onboarding velocity?
  • Costs: Usually, carriers pay appointment fees to all new producers irrespective of their productivity. Add this to the Producer Database (PDB) license verifications and National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) service fees. Are there ways that you can reduce these costs in such a way that you can immediately see cost savings without losing talented producers?
  • Producer Friendly: Many carriers require producers to fill out paper-based application forms, submit them via mail and do frequent follow up to understand the appointment status. Do you think this is the best experience you could afford to your potential producer? Does this present you as a carrier that prospects want to work with?
  • Internal Adoption: You may require that licensing specialists spend time reviewing application forms to find the right information on each prospect, respond to follow up calls, and address application exceptions. Compare this with a process where licensing specialists intervene only for exceptions on the application forms. Which one suits your business?
  • Paper Usage: Paperwork is rife with human errors. If prospect applications contain omissions or unclear handwriting, the same incorrect data could be entered into multiple systems. Imagine the effect this could have on completing onboarding in a timely manner if something important must be corrected in multiple places.
  • Compliance: Does your process maintain audit trails that are easy to track and report, and to ensure regulatory compliance? If you find yourself spending hours in achieving this, then you may need to look for alternatives that can save you this extra effort.

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