SILA’s Annual Conference for 2017: Why You Should Attend


We constantly monitor the insurance industry landscape by keeping track of our ever-changing insurance regulations and technology environments so that our clients don’t have to. One way of doing that is by attending industry events.  So, what are the big advantages of attending an insurance conference? Three big reasons: grow your personal and professional network, keep track of industry trends, and keep in touch with your clients. For some of us, it may be to find our next mentor, or simply to collect competitive intelligence and sourcing of potential new prospects. Very few conferences fit the model of combining all these needs; the SILA Conference is one that does.

As an individual who has worn many hats in the insurance industry from a claims adjuster, to a marketing specialist, financial advisor, and currently a Licensing & Compliance Manager, I have always found significant growth value in attending a SILA conference. I have been able to take courses that have expanded my insurance knowledge. For example, I worked directly with a large insurance company in the process of entering the Surplus marketplace that needed me to put together compliance licensing criteria processes that would assist our various organizational personnel. I was able to attend a pre-conference course in licensing offered at SILA. Attending the Surplus licensing courses enabled me to secure enough fundamental knowledge to help my organization outline and understand the complexities of the Surplus license marketplace, which is very complex by nature.

SILA’s purpose is to bring together all licensing experts, as well as experts in all aspects of the insurance and financial industries to share ideas and provide a platform where our industry can stay in touch with the changes in compliance regulations and technology. SILA also offers seminars conducted by state insurance regulators with discussions on various topics; occasionally, they even give people attending their seminars a “heads up” on upcoming changes in regulations. SILA provides useful information for insurance licensing and securities professionals in their search to stay informed on all current topics and requirements relative to the insurance and financial-service industries.

Thus, attending a SILA Conference has many benefits. It’s a perfect place to network with like-minded individuals. If you are a vendor like VUE Software, here’s your opportunity to showcase your products and services. Or, if you are like me, it’s a place where you can develop your professional skills and shine in your organization.

If you’re attending SILA Annual Education Conference 2017, please visit VUE Software at Booth 32 and learn about the latest digital distribution-modernization technology. Look for me too; we can probably learn a lot from each other.


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