Sales Performance Management Solutions for Insurers


These are tough times for insurers to make a positive difference to their bottom-line. With the economy inching ever so slowly towards regaining its healthy position, every insurer is looking out for best practices to hold market share and profitability. My view is that if an organization is looking to significantly influence the course of their sales and marketing effectiveness then optimal sales performance management is a sure game changer.

A research by Gartner Group says, “Sales people spend only 45% of their time selling. The other 55% is spent on meetings, administrative tasks, account service, training, travel, research and intra-company communications”.

With the right strategy to motivate teams and provide clarity for the appropriate measures, insurers can certainly boost their overall performance.  Join us for a webcast on “Sales Performance Management Solutions for Insurers”, where we’ll explain the best practices to increase sales performance and also how insurers can execute an efficient and lean strategy for a healthier bottom-line and more effective customer relationship management.

The webcast is on May 27th, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm (EST). Hope you’ll join us!


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