VUE SOFTWARE, New Age Answer to Insurance Broker Management

Written By Tenzin Chogkyi August, 2018

CEO, Stephen Bruno Featured on the Front Cover of Insurance CIO Outlook Magazine

“Cut out the middleman!” is a slogan gripping the common man today buoyed by technological advancements that are facilitating self-service in many industries such as retail, banking, and finance. But the insurance industry, brokers/agents – the middlemen – are here to stay. Yes, data and analytics are being leveraged to determine risk, structure insurance programs, and identify the best carriers for different amount of risks, with high speed and accuracy. But brokers are still in demand primarily due to their skills and experience in guiding customers interested in buying insurance policies, a role central to the insurance industry. As specialists in insurance and risk management, brokers act on behalf of the customers and inform them about the best insurance plans and the associated risks, driving the process of insurance distribution. Brokers truly serve as the most important business partners of carriers/ insurance providers. Carriers that implement the technology which helps brokers do more quality business, drive revenue growth for both the involved parties. It is a Win-Win! Undoubtedly, in the digitized insurance landscape, a transition from legacy brokering to technology-based future-oriented brokering is a must.

 VUE software, founded by the Computer Solutions and Software International (CSSI), offers a single scalable platform that upgrades the work of insurance brokers and carriers. With more than 26 years of experience in life insurance, health insurance, and property & casualty, VUE offers flexible and configurable solutions to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of brokers. VUE Software is an application suite to manage all distribution management requirements: agent recruitment and onboarding, agent life-cycle management, compensation, agent self-service portal, and comprehensive distribution analytics. So be it a carrier or a distributor, VUE Software has their entire distribution channel covered…