SaaS+PaaS = SPaaS

Can a Hybrid Model Give Carriers Competitive Advantage?

In the SPaaS model, carriers would have the needed server capacity and could control the environment and access to it. They wouldn’t be sharing it with any other insurers, and it would make integration’s easier because it would all be in the same ecosystem. So one benefit would be shrugging off the need for an infrastructure to keep the software alive. Another would be the carrier not having to pay hosting rates for hardware.

The SPaaS hybrid might just be the combination the complex insurance industry has been looking for in its quest to modernize distribution systems and other technology. Now that half the workforce consists of Millennials, the pressure is on for carriers to find different, better, and more technologically advanced ways of interacting. Imagine what your insurance company is going to be, and imagine having a system that supports that vision without automatically providing it to five or ten other insurance companies that are sharing the same platform. SPaaS might be just the answer to giving the carrier a competitive advantage.

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