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Having the right insurance compensation management system is core to any carrier’s success. The capabilities of well-designed system will enable both compensation managers and agents to work in an environment that makes it easy for them to focus on the results that drive revenue. VUE Producer Compensation helps insurance organizations to aim and reach new levels of performance

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Insurance agents prefer to spend most of their time planning to sell more policies and be as productive as they can be for both the carrier they work for and themselves.

They do not want to find themselves getting distracted because of a trivial reason like not able to get to the required details of how they are being paid commissions. Carriers should ensure that agents are given the right tools to perform their primary responsibilities, i.e, sell more policies and everything else is readily and easily available to them.

Just imagine the plight of an agent who is paid a commission that doesn’t match with his calculations and he doesn’t even have a clue about why there is a discrepancy. Should he spend time on accounting or on selling more policies and bring revenue to the carrier?

Watch this short video to learn how carriers can ensure that they provide the right platform and environment for their agents to be successful.