Life Insurer Develops New 31,000 Agent Channel with VUE

Our client, a Life Insurer, is licensed to provide life insurance throughout USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. With more than $45 billion of life insurance in force, they help provide financial security through over 3.3 million policies.

The Challenge

A large life insurer was poised to grow their business with new product offerings and become a brand parents trust to help achieve financial security and protection for their families. Our client understood that their legacy system didn’t have the capacity to accommodate this growth and required a powerful flexible system that would empower their company vision.

life-insurer-develops-thumbnai-for-landing-pageThe Solution

  • VUE empowered a broker channel growth from only 157 active agents to a massive 31,0000 active agent workforce.
  • In a 5-year span, our client went from 44,000 policies to approximately 321,000 policies.
  • On a monthly basis, our client processes approximately 20,000 – 25,000 compensation transactions using VUE.

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