How fast can Bob be onboarded?

Onboarding new producers for insurance companies can be a slow and time consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. VUE Producer Onboarding can reduce the onboading time from days to just hours.

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It’s time for insurance carriers to say good bye to broken and inefficient onboarding processes that involve a lot of manual data entry and creating duplicates of the same agent record. It just creates a loss of productivity of everyone involved in the onboarding process and, waste of time and money.

Today, onboarding process is redefined using electronic communications and sophisticated technology. It integrates with multiple other systems that include producer database (PDB) to retrieve agents’ historic data in a few hours so carriers can quickly process onboarding applications saving valuable time that can play a definitive role in new business generation¬†and revenue growth.

Watch our video that outlines the broken process that can frustrate a prospective agent to an extent that he could decide not to work for that carrier, and compares it with what could be.