AUTOMATION: A Practical Solution for Health Plans

Although the big five providers in the Medicare Advantage (MA) market have embraced technology, many of the smaller plans distributing products through a small sales force (200-1000 agents) juggle the tradeoffs of revenue, the demands of CMS marketing guidelines, limited bandwidth of critical resources, and costs in order to realize profits. For the last half... Read more » by Sravan Kumar2015

eBook: The future of agent-carrier relationships lies in self-service

The use of technology to ease the agent’s challenges in the interaction with a carrier has slowly evolved, as the underlying technology has advanced. When an agent works with carriers, they are likely to find a continuum from completely paper-based methods (Baseline generation) to the most current mobile applications. With all the transactions automated and... Read more » by Sravan Kumar2017

7 Things You Need to Know About Distribution Modernization

Very often, business processes evolve topsy-turvy based on business or compliance issues and over time, those processes become embedded in the notion: “We've always done IT this way.” Distribution is one area that has long been managed as an afterthought, a necessary evil, and a back-office function that delivered little value to the business today,... Read more » by Sravan Kumar2013