Straight Through Processing for Compliance

Modernize your operations with a system that helps eliminate anachronistic methods such as making copies of licenses and training certificates, filling out forms, lengthy report processing, and slow paper-based interaction with state regulatory databases. Producer Management & Compliance business process automation allows you to implement new processes that receive timely data updates from agents, training... Read more » by Sravan Kumar2015

Compensation Simplified: Achieve Ultimate Revenue Growth

All insurance carriers establish business goals and strategies to achieve healthy revenue growth. With agents and advisors being their most important business partners, systems for managing their compensation play a major role in achieving the targeted growth. The main barriers to achieving revenue growth are limited technology and resources within the insurance industry. This leads... Read more » by Ravi Pendyala2015

Redefining Self-Service with Mobility

Insurance carriers see adopting new applications to support mobility as a key strategic initiative. A recent report by Celent stated that supporting mobility is integral to meeting customer expectations. With an increasing dependence on mobile devices for both work and personal use, there’s a growing demand for new applications to support current and future growth. This... Read more » by cssimarketing2015

Insurance has changed, and your competitive advantage is here

Onboarding, management, compliance, compensation, anytime, anywhere, any device. This video is based on this slogan and exhibited as a promotional video at 2014 SILA (Securities and Insurance Licensing Association) Educational Conference. Simple tips for insurance organizations to ensure they are on top of their game and competition overcoming even the stringent regulatory compliance standards within the industry.... Read more » by cssimarketing2014

Attention MGAs: Are you being UNDERPAID?

Discover the Revenue Reconciliation Module from VUE Distributor Accelerator for all non carriers from VUE Software. Click on the Red YouTube button below to subscribe and receive notifications on all future VUE Software videos. Managing general agencies (MGAs) often get inaccurate commission payments from carriers. Carriers may change their commission plans on few policies or... Read more » by cssimarketing2014

How fast can Bob be onboarded?

Onboarding new producers for insurance companies can be a slow and time consuming task, but it doesn't have to be. VUE Producer Onboarding can reduce the onboading time from days to just hours. Click on the Red YouTube button below to subscribe and receive notifications on all future VUE Software videos. It's time for insurance... Read more » by cssimarketing2014

Dan Colarusso of Cypress Insurance speaks about VUE Software

Dan Colarusso - CIO, Cypress Insurance Company shares his experience on how they were able to create an enterprise-wide solution that encompasses billing, accounting, general ledgers and other systems. He touches upon the topic of why an insurance organization should look to leverage technology and how to select a technology solution for businesses to be... Read more » by cssimarketing2014

Meet John and Bob!

Having the right insurance compensation management system is core to any carrier's success. The capabilities of well-designed system will enable both compensation managers and agents to work in an environment that makes it easy for them to focus on the results that drive revenue. VUE Producer Compensation helps insurance organizations to aim and reach new... Read more » by cssimarketing2013

Hi, Meet Producer Onboarding from VUE Software

Watch our promotional video created for 2013 SILA (Securities and Insurance Licensing Association) Educational Conference. The video shows Bob, the quintessential, old school believer of the onboarding process. You can even notice that he speaks slow and long, tedious sentences just like the old way of onboarding insurance agents. And it also shows a young... Read more » by cssimarketing2013

Revenue Reconciliation Engine from VUE Software for Non-Carriers

Carriers and agencies are frequently at odds when it comes to advances, chargebacks and commission reconciliations. When an agency cannot track changes made by a carrier — such as a commission plan change or a cancellation after a commission or advance was paid — this affects the agency's commission revenue. Watch the solution in action... Read more » by cssimarketing2013