Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Replaces EIM/FASAT with VUE Software

In 2016 SunGard, who owned DSPA and FASAT—now Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM)— announced they were retiring support of the product line. Insurers using this unsupported, critical commission paying software application were left at risk especially where future growth was concerned. Insurance companies throughout the United States and Canada using the FASAT system for their compensation... Read more » by Ravi Pendyala2019

Midwestern Life and Health General Agency Gains Control of Commissions and Onboarding

Our client is a Health and Life General Agency representing more than 65 top carriers selling multiple lines of insurance throughout the United States. Like many distributors, the commission process was complex, time intensive, and required a two-step process of receiving commissions by the carriers and then having to break those commissions out and pay... Read more » by Irfan Shaik2018

CSSI Delivered 100% Uptime During Category 5 Hurricane Irma

As if speaking directly to a future audience, the chemist Louis Pasteur said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” To this end, Computer Solutions & Software International, LLC (CSSI) put in place a disaster-recovery technology infrastructure capable of handling data backup and security for up to 100 clients during major weather events and natural disasters. The... Read more » by Irfan Shaik2018

How VUE Jump Starts Aviva’s Financial Advisory Group in Singapore

The Challenge Startups are all over the news. We’ve come to think of their natural beginnings as in a garage somewhere, attached to the parental house, and springing from the mind of a blue-jean clad “digital native.” But there’s another kind of start-up that gets less attention, and that’s the offshoot that’s born into an... Read more » by Sravan Kumar2017

Guardian Life Insurance Transforms Sales Administration and Compliance with VUE Software

The Challenge Guardian had a homegrown back-end system that was unable to meet the demands of their newer distribution partners; their system architecture required extensive manual interaction, review, and follow up. Like many large insurance companies with legacy systems, manual paper-intensive processes made it difficult to manage their workflows and producer relationships. Their process included... Read more » by Irfan Shaik2017

Life Insurer Develops New 31,000 Agent Channel with VUE

Our client, a Life Insurer, is licensed to provide life insurance throughout USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. With more than $45 billion of life insurance in force, they help provide financial security through over 3.3 million policies. The Challenge A large life insurer was poised to grow their business with new product offerings and become... Read more » by Ravi Pendyala2016

Leading Multi-Carrier Insurance Brokerage Creates Over 300 commission structures with VUE Software

Our client is a leading global provider of risk management, insurance, and reinsurance brokerage services. The company’s consulting services span senior and commercial health exchanges, benefit-plan administration, global benefits, compensation, talent, communication, mergers and acquisitions, and more. The organization is one of the largest multi-carrier private healthcare exchanges in the United States, supplying comprehensive brokerage... Read more » by Margaret Livermore2016

AmeriLife’s Software Deployment Makes the Case for the Integrated Suite

AmeriLife is a complex company with distribution, product manufacturing and third party administration capabilities, marketing and selling health and life insurance, fixed annuities, and supplemental products through a multichannel distribution network. It is a growing company, and like most companies in the insurance industry, recognizes the critical role technology plays in providing a platform that... Read more » by Ravi Pendyala2015

Midwest-Based National Health Carrier Consolidated 6 Siloed Systems into 1 System

This case study will show you how our client, a large national health carrier, used VUE Software Solutions to modernize their distribution system and increase efficiency. Challenges Our client had 6 disparate systems, with their agent records stored in 3 systems, preventing customer service representatives from accessing agent information in one place, leading to callbacks... Read more » by cssimarketing2015

P&C Carrier Insources Outsourced Processes with VUE Software

The Case For 14 years this insurance carrier outsourced their billing, accounting, policy administration, and general ledger systems. Manually onboarding new producers involved physical mail and faxes, and included long waiting periods for agents to begin producing. The manual process was not merely time consuming, but was error prone and costly as well. Our client decided to... Read more » by cssimarketing2015