Reaching out through Twitter: The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Story


It’s common knowledge today that social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook are fast emerging as effective marketing tools for many business-to-consumer companies. They enable companies to reach a wider audience in a very simple way that is part of their customers’ daily lives. When it comes to customer engagement, social networking sites have provided the platform for companies to both share information and build relationships with a human face.

It is equally common knowledge that health plan carriers have generally been slow in embracing cutting-edge technology, especially web 2.0 tools, in their business processes. However, considering the continual changes in our socio-economic scenario, it stands to reason that it would behoove the insurance sector to jump on the bandwagon and begin to realize the capabilities of online customer engagement. Among the few insurers beginning to tap into the benefits of social networks is Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin.

“Social media provide a great opportunity for us to engage our members, listen to them and be more responsive,” said Kate Quinn, VP of corporate marketing for Anthem’s parent company, in a recentarticle in Insurance Networking News.

The enthusiasm to use these tools shows a considerable shift in the industry’s attitude towards modernization and communicating with the end consumer. Anthem is using both Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with their members through the exchange of real time conversations and to form a community where people can interact with both Anthem and other plan members.

“Tools such as Twitter and Facebook provide an additional means of communicating with our members and all consumers in the communities we serve in a way that’s convenient and of interest for them,” added Larry Schreiber, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin.

It will be interesting to watch and see which insurers will follow similar strategies in the future.


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