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Among the many challenges Property & Casualty insurers face, perhaps the most critical are the ones related to technology. The proliferation of internet applications, mobile devices, cloud computing, and social networking are some of the factors that have sped up the distribution and sales of insurance premiums. In this fast new ecosystem, the need for P&C companies to evolve and adapt must become a priority in order to ensure continuous growth, operational efficiency and win-win relationships with independent distributors.

VUE Software solutions are designed to help insurance organizations solve these challenges and meet new market demands by focusing on mobility, configurability, and process automation. Because we are passionate about insurance and our domain expertise in the field, we dedicate 100% of research and development to ensuring our solutions meet and exceed the expectations of our clients while “future-proofing” their organization for upcoming trends in the industry.

Capable, flexible, and built for insurance.

Process Automation

Slow error-prone manual processes are replaced with fast, efficient automated processes that yield real-time performance when using VUE Software solutions. From onboarding new producers to ensuring compliance, all VUE Software solutions can automate important processed to accelerate distribution and sales.

Flexibility & Configurability

At VUE Software, we believe in the power of driving growth strategically using technology that help insurance companies serve their customers and agents while building stronger, more profitable relationships. That is why VUE Software solutions are designed with a high level of flexibility and configurable to fit your organizational structure and business rules so companies can see faster implementations and quicker tangible results.

Mobile-ready Producer Portal

While portals are relatively common in the insurance industry, their usefulness is limited by poor design, and a lack of understanding of how portals should be used. VUE Software offers a well-designed portal solution with an easy to use UI that gives producers access to reports, policies and book of business information, commission statements and more. VUE Software’s portal is accessible across multiple platforms, including PCs, tablets and mobile devices and fully configurable with role-based security and transactional self-service convenience.

Performance Analytics

The ability to analyze and visualize performance data fast and easily can present a monumental advantage to insurers. The VUE Performance Analytics tool can slice and dice data however you want and generate custom reports when needed — without technical knowledge- and visualize it with vivid dashboards for performance reporting and drill-downs.

A Platform for Profitable Growth

Often outdated technology consisting of an assortment of homegrown and legacy applications — along with various disparate databases — along with manual processes are at the root of slow organizational growth or responsiveness. VUE Software modules and tools work together to improve operational efficiencies, automate and speed processes within a much-needed SaaS-based solution platform for today’s insurer.

Empowered companies that use VUE Software solutions

Distribution Management Solutions

For Carriers

Distribution Management Suite
  • Producer Onboarding
  • Producer Management and Compliance
  • Producer Compensation
  • Agency Relationship Management
  • Producer Self-Service Portal

For Distributors

Distributor Accelerator
  • Producer Contracting
  • Agency Management
  • Producer Compensation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Revenue Reconciliation
  • Producer Portal