Accelerate growth by onboarding new producers in hours instead of days.

Producer Onboarding™

Producer Onboarding™

Accelerate growth by onboarding new producers in hours instead of days.

Producer Onboarding

Solution Overview

Producer Onboarding is a flexible web-based solution that automates the onboarding process, ensures accuracy, and eliminates human errors to meet compliance requirements and reduces transaction costs.


Onboarding Automation

  • Capture demographic information
  • Collect company history
  • Obtain disclosures
  • Run background checks
  • Collect and verify license Information
  • Track certifications
  • Authorize product selling
  • Make appointments
  • Collect fees
  • Secure supporting documentation
  • Finalize producer contracts

Home Office Tools

  • Set up multiple hierarchies
  • Establish compensation schedules
  • Obtain assignments
  • Assign beneficiaries
  • Collect payment details
  • Record tax documents


  • Standard NIPR and PDB integration
  • Background check vendor integration
  • Task creation and routing
  • Graphical workflow and
    questionnaire designer
  • Form branching
  • Letter and email generation
  • E-signature support
  • Document management

"Previously, we spent 40 hours per month on error adjustments, but with VUE Software’s Producer Compensation solution we only spend two hours a month, “Implementing VUE Software’s solution saved me close to a half million dollars. My VP loves to say, ‘VUE Software has already paid for itself.”   

Ellen Yakubik

Director of Product Marketing

“Using VUE Software’s Producer Compensation system, Gerber Life was able to expand its relationships with a number of key business partners helping everyone to grow their business.”

David Fier

VP Business Development

“I want to thank each member of the VUE Software team for their exceptional effort.  We knew we were pushing the envelope to implement this solution so quickly. Each team member went above and beyond expectations to make this happen. Thank you for your continued excellence and dedication to making sure Molina Healthcare is able to keep our commitments to our brokers.” 

Janet Fosdick

Vice President

Streamline Communications

Streamline appointments with VUESoftware’s rapid web-based Producer Onboarding making a great first impression and simplifying the process for prospective producers. Pre-filled and contextual forms reduce input and capture only what is needed from producers to enhance the onboarding experience.

Execute Just-in-Time Appointments | Producer Onboarding

Execute Just-in-Time Appointments

Event-driven workflows delay finalization of the appointment process until a new producer has written business. By avoiding the payment of appointment fees for non-producing agents, carriers eliminate unnecessary costs and increase the value onboarding brings to the organization.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Improve data quality and reduce the time producers spend resolving issues with fully automated processes and verification. Multi-point credential authentication and background checks ensure accuracy and trouble-free onboarding.

3rd Party Integration

VUE Software integrates real-time with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) and Producer Database (PDB), allowing users to appoint new advisors by enabling them to upload their licenses, certifications, and additional documentation throughout the onboarding process.

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3rd Party Integration | Producer Onboarding

360° Producer Lifecycle Management

360° Producer Lifecycle Management | Producer-Onboarding

Use producer onboarding as part of a complete insurance distribution management system to attract and quickly onboard the best producers. Gain complete understanding with a 360° view of the appointing, contracting and licensing phases for complete control of producer lifecycle. Carriers are able to implement the full Suite and Modules as required.

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