Producer Onboarding – The Solution of Focus at SILA’s National Education Conference


Producer onboarding, agent recruiting and mobility were the prime topics with the crowd at this year’s SILA National Education Conference. Many of the sessions explored producer licensing processes in detail and surfaced ideas on how to best streamline procedures without detracting from compliance.

The conference kicked off with a compelling session by Eric Alexander, a renowned speaker and mountain climber. He shared some of his life experiences to stress the importance of trust, courage, teamwork and integrity in climbing and in business. His story about reaching the summit of Mt. Everest along with his blind friend Erik Weihenmayer was truly inspirational.

SILA’s Agency-Carrier Subgroup (SACS) work continued with coverage in several sessions and is very notable for our clients. With electronic data submission being commonplace these days SILA has partnered with ACORD to support a standardized format for producer data interchange between agencies and carriers. The SACS initiative is noteworthy considering the opportunities to drive savings for both agencies and carriers and we look to be an active participant in the group’s effort.

There was also fun to be had at SILA, and the vendor commercials were at the center of the comedy relief. It was great to see the creativity of the other vendors and find that our own submission played well with the crowd. Thanks to all of the vendors who participated and to the SILA planning committee for incorporating such a fun activity into the show. You can see our video at the link below.

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