Producer Management & Compliance

Solution Overview

Easily and accurately manage the administration of your external and internal agents. Stay on top of regulatory changes, meet compliance standards with accuracy and reliability while increasing efficiency across your organization.


Home Office In-the-Know

  • Agency & Agent profiles and contact information
  • Industry-leading hierarchy management
  • Automated checklist for requirements
  • Office Location Management

Compliance 24/7/365

  • License and appoint only those that are ready to sell
  • Non-resident / resident / renewal / licensing
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Appointment management
  • Terminate appointment before renewals are billed
  • Complete checklist to approve activation
  • Expense reports per cost center
  • Automatic alerts
  • Always current state rules tables
  • Affiliates managed your way
  • Background checks

Communication & Approval

  • Follow-up and submit requests for approval
  • Email links or documents one at a time or in bulk
  • Send notices and tasks
  • Automatic tasks and emails based on parameters you set

Reports and Analytics

  • Configurable dashboards with 30+ OOB KPIs plus trend charts
  • Executive performance KPI’s based on your unique data
  • Reports manager
  • P60+ built in reports with easy-to-create
  • Create/view/print filtered data throughout VUE for ease of use


  • Mass update capability
  • 1099 and W2 integrations
  • Track education with any of the leading education firms
  • Reconciliation of open invoices with State and members

Tools to simplify the work

  • Toggle columns, save configurations, pick favorites, add filters
  • Audit trail down to the field and user
  • Upload any document and store option
  • Exception tracking
  • Configure trigger dates specific to the way you work
  • Edit workflows to behave how you want to work

Simplify Your Business with VUE Business Process Automation Tools

Modernize your operations with a system that helps eliminate anachronistic methods such as making copies of licenses and training certificates, filling out forms, lengthy report processing, and slow paper-based interaction with state regulatory databases. Producer Management & Compliance business process automation allows you to implement new processes that receive timely data updates from agents, training vendors, NIPR and internal systems. Configure and automate your approval process to meet your specific needs.

Optimal Management | Producer Management & Compliance

Optimal Management

Producer Management & Compliance increases accuracy with agent data, full contact management, credentials, document management, contract management, flexible definition of your distribution models (channels and hierarchies/roles), and much more. This provides your organization with the required information to ensure precise responses and reporting.

Ensure Absolute Compliance

Producer Management & Compliance allows real-time integrated and automated licensing / license verification and appointing (including a Just-in-Time feature) with VUE’s direct connection. Reduce your overall transaction costs associated with licensing and appointing by using VUE Software’s automated web-based application. Benefit from increased efficiency. Enjoy the security of timely periodic reconciliations and avoiding costly compliance fines. With 24/7/365 web access, you are always in control of compliance.

360° Producer Lifecycle Management

360° Producer Lifecycle Management | Producer Management & Compliance

Producer Management & Compliance is simple and scalable to any organizational size. The flexible architecture allows you to integrate with other VUE products like onboarding to support Just-in-Time (JIT) appointments. Sophisticated features such as analytics increase operational efficiency. Easily and accurately manage the administration of your external and internal agent channels. Configurability means flexibility to stay on top of regulatory changes, meet compliance standards with accuracy and reliability while creating an efficiency across your organization. Carriers are able to implement the full Suite and Modules as required.

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