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VUE Software Launches VUE IncentivePoint – Its On-Demand Incentive Compensation Management Solution

Coconut Creek, Florida, 04/09/2009 – Computer Solutions & Software International (CSSI) announced the launch of VUE IncentivePoint, their Software as a Service (SaaS) model of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). This on-demand application delivers real-time web based visibility of incentive compensation and sales performance management integrated with Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

With their deep domain expertise, CSSI provides all the capabilities of its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model VUE Compensation Management in VUE IncentivePoint. Regardless of the size and hierarchy of the companies, IncentivePoint allows them to create the most profitable compensation plans.

IncentivePoint enables companies to create quota targets, define territories and monitor their sales performances. Along with this, the whole data is integrated with CRM. This integration of compensation planning and Sales Performance Management (SPM) with CRM simplifies the overall company process. It brings all the required components of marketing and sales activities into one application easing out integration problems to companies.

Real-time web based visibility of the compensation calculations and sales performance allows the sales teams to focus on their primary job of selling and not on redundant shadow accounting activities. This enables companies to maximize their overall sales. This transparency in compensation calculations and individual performances on each sale through IncentivePoint motivates sales teams to perform better.

With changing market trends, IncentivePoint equips companies with agile adjustments in their compensation plans. This enables companies gain a competitive edge. Companies can test “what-if-scenarios” of compensation plans to choose the most appropriate plan that maximizes company productivity.

Incentive Point heavily reduces the cost spent on enterprise software solutions through its on-demand SaaS model. It’s based on a pay-as-you-go subscription, which is light on company expenditure without compromising on its positive impact on productivity. It doesn’t require long and tedious deployments and software implementations to leverage its benefits.

Sales representatives, sales managers, agent managers and compensation administrators are put at ease with the availability of comprehensive information of compensation calculations, sales performance and quota targets on the web. IncentivePoint provides accurate, transparent and regulations compliant process, which directly impact any company’s bottom line.

About CSSI and VUE Software®

VUE Software® is the product division of Computer Solutions and Software International (CSSI) dedicated to providing industry-specific business technology solutions to companies in the insurance, healthcare, and construction verticals. Because they are tailored to the needs of these particular industries, our solutions are different from one-size-fits-all performance management and compensation suites such as enterprise incentive management (EIM) and sales performance management (SPM) solutions. VUE Software’s solutions allow companies to manage strategic incentive plans, automate producer administration and organize complex data and contractor policies, resulting in greater administrative efficiency and improved sales performance.For more information about VUE Software, please call 1.877.4.VUESOFT or visit www.vuesoftware.com.

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