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VUE Software Finds Momentum in the Marketplace for VUE Benefit Summary Tool

Coconut Creek, FL, 11/27/2012 — VUE Software today announced that it is seeing growing demand for its VUE Benefit Summary Tool , an automation solution that streamlines the creation of health plan Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs). VUE Software has successfully completed four implementations of VUE Benefit Summary Tool before the September 2012 deadline imposed by the ACA. The use of automated solutions like VUE Benefit Summary Tool for SBC creation has significantly increased because of the ACA’s readability mandate. Additionally, health plans, carriers and third party administrators (TPAs) are seeing value in automation, not only to establish a regulation-compliant process, but also to support sales teams in improving customer service.

By centralizing, product information, templates and documents into one database, organizations can establish an infrastructure that can scale with business expansion. Automation of the document creation process also simplifies the compliance verification process, as all documents are generated using standard templates that are pre-approved by a compliance department. VUE Benefit Summary Tool also provides the flexibility to update plan information and create new products from existing product templates for easy maintenance.

“It’s important for organizations that offer or administer health insurance plans to be compliant with the ACA’s SBC mandate while maintaining efficiency,” said Stephanie Castro, Product Director at VUE Software. “Many carriers still depend on either a manual SBC document creation process or a homegrown system to support this requirement. Those methods are highly resource-intensive, inefficient, and costly to maintain. We’ve developed VUE Benefit Summary Tool to provide long-term benefits to carriers and administrators that go beyond meeting the immediate need for compliance.”

VUE Benefit Summary Tool transforms a manually intensive document creation process into a streamlined and accurate automated process that saves cost and time in SBC administration. The tool helps to keep a track of all the documents created, integrates with multi-channel distribution solutions, and provides audit reports. The system remains scalable to deliver high volumes of summaries through a configurable, repeatable process.

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