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VUE Software Announces the Launch of VUE Business Intelligence

Coconut Creek, FL, 2/22/2011 – VUE Software, a leading compensation and sales performance management solution provider, today announced the release of its latest insurance-focused offering: VUE Business Intelligence. VUE Business Intelligence is a powerful reporting and analytics solution that provides ready access to information and insights necessary for optimal sales performance management.

The solution enables clients to uncover trends and connections between producer compensation and sales behavior by easily accessing data that is usually buried in systems. With an easy-to-use graphical interface and dashboards that use over twenty-five insurance focused performance indicators, VUE Business Intelligence allows users to implement strategic programs that align sales performance with company objectives.

“VUE Business Intelligence is a sales and compensation-focused BI solution that makes it easy for business users and executives to access critical performance data quickly”, said Stephen Bruno, President and CEO of VUE Software. “Our industry expertise enabled us to identify the most important key performance indicators for insurance, and build them into the base product, for relevant reporting that is effortless to execute.”

About CSSI and VUE Software®

VUE Software® is the product division of Computer Solutions and Software International dedicated to providing industry-specific business technology solutions to companies in the insurance, healthcare, and construction verticals. Because they are tailored to the needs of these particular industries, our solutions are different from one-size-fits-all performance management and compensation suites such as enterprise incentive management (EIM) and sales performance management (SPM) solutions. VUE Software’s solutions allow companies to manage strategic incentive plans, automate producer administration and organize complex data and contractor policies, resulting in greater administrative efficiency and improved sales performance. For more information about VUE Software, please call 1.877.4.VUESOFT or visit www.vuesoftware.com.

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