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VUE Software Announces Online Enrollment is Fast Gaining Popularity with Subcontractors on Wrap Ups

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – March 14, 2012 – VUE Software today announced that the company is seeing a significant improvement in subcontractors’ usage of online systems for enrollment and payroll reporting in wrap up administration. Wrap up management systems streamline and automate the management of owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP) and contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIP).

In a recent research initiative, VUE Software found that the overall utilization of online services in wrap up administration has increased. One sponsor of a multibillion-dollar national rolling CCIP saw online submission increase from 30% to 45% after transitioning to VUE Wrap-Up Management in early 2011. Another national administrator has seen 47% of all subcontractor participants in a large rolling CCIP submit their information electronically since launching the VUE Wrap-Up Management system in November 2011.

VUE Software Director Stephanie Castro says, “Subcontractors have become more accepting of online reporting tools and even enjoy the ease of use and consistency as they work with repeat customers. We anticipate that as more administrators employ automation best practices, online submission rates of 50-70% could become the new standard.”

These trends indicate that more subcontractors and risk managers have started trusting the ability of online systems in streamlining their work. Organizations that have invested in easy-to-use, sophisticated solutions that can handle online submittal processes reap many benefits, including greater accuracy, efficiency, and processing speed.

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