P&C Insurers: Sustain Profitability through the Right Mix of Technology Tools


A study by Deep Customer Connections on agents for property and casualty carriers paints a clear picture on the current technology trends for this industry. The report reaffirms the fact that agents can achieve a higher level of success in their profession with adequate help from technology tools.

Though the P&C industry is faring better than other insurance segments at the moment, many carriers are missing opportunities to increase profits by cutting operational costs. Many P&C carriers are still relying on homegrown or legacy systems for policy administration and their internal processes. This decreases administrative productivity and also limits the extent to which agents can improve their performance.

An excerpt from an Insurance Networking News article that focused on the report:

Currently, agents are frustrated by many technology issues that cost them significant time in tasks—often clerical and repetitive in nature—and diminish their capacity to sell and service business, notes the report’s summary.

In order to sustain profitability and remain competitive in the face of the current tight market, carriers need to streamline their processes by identifying the right mix of technology tools. They need to consider the various needs of agents that can propel their overall performance along with administrative requirements.

Carriers need to treat this overhaul as an opportunity to identify the most suitable technology that can accommodate future business expansions and growth. Lagging behind on technology will take its toll through increased carrier expenses. And when cost-cutting and operational efficiency are foremost requirements, carriers cannot afford to find themselves in this situation.

P&C carriers need to consider some of these facts while evaluating technology.


Problems with Aging Technology

Advantages of the Right Technology

For Agents

  • Significant time spent on clerical and repetitive tasks
  • Inability to integrate with agency management system
  • Lack of ability to access precise data in real-time

For Carriers

  • Lack of flexibility to sustain business growth
  • High costs to support and enhance legacy systems
  • Data integrity issues



For Agents

  • Acceleration of the sales process
  • Superior collaboration among the channel and with the carrier
  • Real-time transaction capacity for integrating with  agency management systems
  • Ready access to information and reliability of performance

For Carriers

  • Greater focus on business process
  • Faster product administration
  • Producer loyalty and retention
  • Extreme flexibility and scalability to accommodate future growth

and more…


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