Secrets of Distribution Success Revealed!


At the recent ACORD LOMA and AHIP conferences in Las Vegas, much was discussed about the value of exceptional customer experiences, from quickly bringing new products to market to winning share and loyalty through adaptive and efficient sales processes. These components can quickly differentiate successful carriers from the rest.

Forward-thinking insurers who value customer experience as a cornerstone of their sales strategy have already started to turn to cutting-edge technology. It will be highly beneficial for other organizations as well to be early adopters of technology for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Performance Management (SPM).

An insurer’s distribution channel is an invaluable tool for interacting with and leaving a lasting impression on customers. More insurers are beginning to embrace these advanced technologies that empower the distribution channel at each step of the sales cycle. Tools that deliver sales performance management capabilities allow insurers to equip the channel to be customer-centric, and also improve internal processes, such as designing agent-motivating incentive plans and executing commission payout cycles.

Learn how to raise your agents’ performance to its optimal level to consistently meet market and consumer demands from a highly successful new agency during our exclusive, free webcast.

Join Jeff Walker, Vice President at Insphere Insurance Solutions, as he shares how his company has implemented a cutting-edge technology platform to maintain the right mix of products, implement better compensation programs, and distribute powerful sales tools to their agents.

“By integrating these tools into our proprietary technology platform, our agents will operate in a seamless multi-carrier environment that will feel like they are working with a single carrier for everything from quoting, electronic applications, application tracking, managing compensation and managing their client base”

– Philip Hildebrand, President and CEO of Insphere Insurance Solutions

Register now for the webcast “Optimal Agent Performance: The Secrets of Distribution Success Revealed” and gain better insight into the sales pipeline of your producers, increase agent engagement, and reduce administrative costs.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Quickly bring new products to market
  • Launch new incentive plans with ease
  • Provide agents with a captive experience with multiple carriers
  • Leverage technology to encourage cross-selling and up-selling


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