Mobile Enabled Portals: The Wave of the Future for Regional Life Insurers


From our vantage point at VUE Software, we have seen a 300% increase in regional Life insurers seeking new systems. Many are in the process of starting or enhancing their agency channel while others are seeking to streamline their compliance processes to reduce cost. Either way, the focus to use new technology to build enduring relationships with the agencies and producers distributing their products is evident. With modern technology, the idea of keeping the policy and Book of Business information in the agents’ pockets through mobile devices is a reality now.

World on mobile

With the burgeoning interest in multi-channel distribution, the availability of information at the producers’ fingertips via mobile enabled portals is definitely a “shot in the arm” and is going to be a major differentiator in the competitive landscape. This certainly will be the wave of distribution modernization as we move forward.


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